Avis d’appel public à la concurrence: Call for Interest – Licensing Gift & Novelties

  • Date et heure limite de remise des plis :25/09/2020 19:00
  • Réponse électronique obligatoire pour cette consultation, sans signature électronique.
  • Référence :2000036
  • Intitulé :Call for Interest – Licensing Gift & Novelties
  • Objet :The principal objective of this call for expression of interest in obtaining a licence is to canvass manufacturers products categories and other markets, with a view to selecting the licensees that will be authorised to use the properties of the Paris 2024 brand. This call for expression of interest may lead to a licensing contract, which will require the licensee to pay fees. Such fees are necessary for the organisation of the Games. Paris 2024 intends to promote and market the rights held by the International Olympic Committee in France, with a view to deriving income that, alongside other sources of funding, will enable Paris 2024 to deliver the event.
  • Entité publique :PARIS 2024
  • Service :- PARIS 2024
  • Type d’annonce :Avis d’appel public à la concurrence
  • Procédure :Procédure autre
  • Catégorie principale :Services
  • Allotissement :Non
  • Lieu d’exécution :(75) Paris, (77) Seine-et-Marne, (78) Yvelines, (91) Essonne, (92) Hauts-de-Seine, (93) Seine-Saint-Denis, (94) Val-de-Marne, (95) Val-d’Oise
  • Code CPV :39294100 (Code principal) 79340000
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